Model ADY-75 66 - 88 MHz. 13 dBi. Gain 


Design Features: Antenna Experts dual stacked yagi antenna design reflects innovative modern antenna construction. The dual stacked yagi antenna uses special feed which eliminates the use of folded dipole. The dual yagi antenna when packed comes with elements removed from the antenna boom for ease of packing and transportation. This yagi antenna can be assembled at site with simple hand-tools. The dual stacked yagi antenna is supplied with a stacking pipe and phasing harness as standard accessories.

Constructions: Radiating elements, supporting booms and adjoining metal castings of dual yagi antenna have been constructed in high quality aluminum alloys to prevent corrosion. The unique design of the yagi antenna feed which works as matching device to keep the VSWR low resulting in increased efficiency of the dual yagi antenna. The antenna can be mounted to obtain any horizontal or vertical polarization. Similarly the antenna can be stacked either horizontally or vertically to control the beamwidth in desired plane.

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range 66 - 88 MHz.
Gain13 dBi.
Bandwidth5 MHz.
PolarizationVertical or Horizontal
Input Impedance50 Ohms.
Radiation PatternDirectional
Horizontal Beamwidth -Half Power Points40 Degrees (Horizontal Stacking)
Front to Back Ratio18 dB.
VSWR1.5 : 1
RF Power Handling Capacity250 Watts.
Input TerminationN-Female

Mechanical Specifications:
MaterialsAll Aluminum
Mounting Hardware -MaterialsStainless Steel
Wind Rating180 Km/Hr.
Overall Length2.7 Meters
Shipping Length2.75 Meters
Support Boom
- Materials
- Cross Section
- Outer Diameter.

Square Tube
25 mm
- Materials
- Cross Section
- Outer Diameter.

Round Tube
19 mm
Maximum Mount Pipe Diameter 52 mm ( 2 Inches )
Gross Weight13 Kgs.

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temperature(-) 30 to +70 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature(-) 40 to +80 Degrees Celsius
Humidity0 to 95% RH