Model LPDP-30-1000 30 - 1000 MHz. 5 to 8 dBi. Gain 


Design Features : The LPDP-30-1000 dual polarized log periodic antenna is designed to provide wideband directional transmission/reception of horizontal and vertical radio signals from 30-1000 MHz bands. The extra spacers are used between the support booms to improve mechanical durability of antenna. The specially designed mounting arrangement results in fast installation. This dual polarized log periodic dipole antenna system is particularly suitable for transmission, reception, monitoring, scanning and jamming applications due to its capability of receiving/transmitting both the E & H polarized signals simultaneously. This high gain LP provides strong performance over the entire frequency of 30-1000 MHz as the LPDA does not use loading technique to reduce the overall size of array.

Constructions : The LPDP-30-1000 assembled log periodic antennas outer-most dimensions are 5.1 meters (16.7 feet) long and 5 meters (16.5 feet) width & height. The antenna has foldable elements, the longest of which is 2.5 meters. All elements are supplied in two segments for easy of shipping and handling. The elements are attached via a fast deployment self-locking device at points along the boom. The log periodic antenna operates at D.C. ground with low resistance discharge path for protection against lightning and immunity to noise. All the screws, nuts and bolts of log periodic dipole antenna are made of stainless steel.

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range30 - 1000 MHz.
Gain5 to 8 dBi.
BandwidthEntire Band
PolarizationVertical & Horizontal
Input Impedance50 Ohms
Radiation PatternDirectional
Beamwidth -3dB.90 +/- 10 Degrees (Horizontal)
Front to Back Ratio14 +/- 2 dB.
RF Power Handling Capacity500 Watts
Input Termination2 x N-Female
Lightning ProtectionDC Ground

Mechanical Specifications:
Materials6063T6 Aluminum Alloy
Mounting Hardware -MaterialsMarine Grade Stainless Steel
Wind Rating180 Km/Hr.
Overall Length5.1 Meters
Shipping Length2.7 Meters
Support Boom -
Material - O.D.
Square Tube
Elements - Materials
- Cross Section - Outer Diameter
Round Tube
Insulator MaterialTeflon & Nylon
Maximum Mount Pipe Diameter 50-77 mm (2-3 Inches)
Gross Weight45 Kgs.

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temperature(-) 30 to +75 Degrees Celcius
Storage Temperature(-) 40 to +85 Degrees Celcius
Humidity0 to 95% RH