Model HFV-153 1.6-30 MHz Unity Gain 


DESIGN FEATURES: The HFV-153 HF vehicle mount antenna is made of ultra corrosion resistant marine grade stainless steel whip encapsulated in fiberglass sleeve, designed to be used with an Automatic Antenna Tuner (not supplied with the antenna). The overall length of HF vehicular mount antenna HFV-153 is 2.6 Meters consisting of 2 sections. A M10 stainless steel stud (as a termination) is fixed at the lower section of radiator which is insulated from the mounting fixture/flange.

CONSTRUCTIONS: The base section of HF vehicular mount whip antenna is equipped with heavy duty stainless steel bi-conical spring coil to absorb shocks fitted with standard NATO four holes pattern. The HF vehicle mount whip antenna base is supplied with black powder coating and stainless steel whip is supplied with NATO green powder coating. This HF Whip Mobile Antenna supplied in dismantle condition for easy of shipping and handling and can be assembled in the field with simple hand tools. The HF mobile antenna elements are tapered and threads are provided at each element making the antenna assembly a simple job. The HF vehicular mount antenna is supplied with eyes protecting cap fitted at the tip of the whip.

MOUNTING: This HF vehicle mount antenna is supplied with standard NATO 4 holes pattern. The mounting hardware is made of marine grade stainless steel. Customized mounting arrangements can also be supplied on request.

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Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range1.6-30 MHz

Mechanical Specifications:

Environmental Specifications: