Model HFMP-230 1.6-30 MHz Unity Gain 


DESIGN: The HFMP-230 Multi Polarized Broad Band Dipole Antenna offer optimum performance, fully automatic, low VSWR operation over the entire HF band 1.530 MHz and suitable for receiving or HF spectrum monitoring or surveillance with polarization diversity. The antenna consists of a mast head with a vertical dipole and two horizontal dipoles mounted at a 90 angle. The HFMP-230 broadband dipole antenna propagates NVIS, local, medium or long distance communications. This HF broadband dipole antenna is ready to go right out of the box, no taps to change frequency, nothing to tune - ever! Designed for the military and built to last. No Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is required for its operation. No active circuit is involved to design this antenna. The antenna is fully passive thus ensuring many years of maintenance free life. The HF Broad Band Dipole Antenna provides optimum performance over complete HF band, eliminating the requirement of multiple antennas, minimizing the cost and setup requirements. The antenna can be mounted on roof top or directly on ground using anchors.

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Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range1.6-30 MHz
Bandwidth1.6-30 MHz
Antenna TypeOmnidirectional
Polarization2 x Horizontal + 1 x Vertical
Input Termination3 x N

Mechanical Specifications:

Environmental Specifications: