Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications World Highest Performance Wideband Antennas for 100% Connectivity & Reliability Our portfolio includes dual polarized log periodic antenna, ultra wide band coaxial dipole, multi band antenna, aviation band antenna, fiberglass collinear antenna, HF broadband multi wire antenna, defense antenna, tactical radio relay antenna, HF broadband vertical conical monopole, marine band antenna, shipboard antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, FM band antenna, ultra wide band discone antenna, terrestrial microwave antenna, DME antenna, transponder antenna, grid parabolic antenna, stacked dipole array, log periodic dipole array, directional yagi antenna, satellite tracking earth station antenna, jammer antenna, side mount dipole, LHCP RHCP helical antenna, circular polarized antenna, spiral antenna, dual stacked array, quad stacked array, broadband ground plane antenna and wide band vehicle mount antenna
Antennas System manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with the essential requirements applicable and in particular with Protection of health and Safety of the user, Protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility, Good use of the network to avoid harmful interference criteria of R&TTE of the European Parliament
Antenna Systems manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC pertinent to Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronics equipments and products supplied to  European Union are fully compatible with RoHS Directive
Antenna Experts an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
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Home Policies Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Antenna Experts vision is to develop long-lasting relationships by earning the trust and loyalty of our customers and by driving a company culture where environmental excellence is second nature.

Antenna Experts is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate responsibility towards Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) requirements as a regular part of its business philosophy.

Antenna Experts endeavours to create a sustainable future by protecting the environment and caring for its employees for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Antenna Experts EHS system is designed to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our products and operations and to continuously provide safe and healthy work conditions for its employees.

Antenna Experts is committed to protecting the environment and health, safety and welfare of our employees and the communities where we operate the facility.

The basic contents of EH&S policy of Antenna Experts include:

  • To comply with all applicable EH&S laws, regulations and other requirements.

  • Operate the EHS management system according to ISO 14001 requirements.

  • Meet or exceed all applicable EHS legal and customer requirements.

  • Organizational commitment to the prevention of employee injury and work related illnesses.

  • Establish EHS goals and objectives and allocate required resources to attain outstanding EHS results..

  • Partner with customers and suppliers to streamline joint efforts to improve EHS performance..

  • Implement advanced EHS methodologies such as DfE (Design for Environment)

  • To establish and implement management systems according to ISO and other recognized standards and seek continuous improvement in our EH&S performance through the use of initiatives, controls and training of our employees.

  • To integrate environmental, health and safety considerations into our business planning and make them fundamental in the development of new products and processes.

  • To minimize adverse EH&S impacts of our operations through the use of comprehensive and effective processes for accident prevention, energy and material resource conservation, pollution prevention, waste minimization, recycling of materials and the safe and responsible handling and disposal of waste and effluent.

Antenna Experts will regularly review this policy for further applicable improvements and communicate it to all the employees.


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