Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications World Highest Performance Wideband Antennas for 100% Connectivity & Reliability Our portfolio includes dual polarized log periodic antenna, ultra wide band coaxial dipole, multi band antenna, aviation band antenna, fiberglass collinear antenna, HF broadband multi wire antenna, defense antenna, tactical radio relay antenna, HF broadband vertical conical monopole, marine band antenna, shipboard antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, FM band antenna, ultra wide band discone antenna, terrestrial microwave antenna, DME antenna, transponder antenna, grid parabolic antenna, stacked dipole array, log periodic dipole array, directional yagi antenna, satellite tracking earth station antenna, jammer antenna, side mount dipole, LHCP RHCP helical antenna, circular polarized antenna, spiral antenna, dual stacked array, quad stacked array, broadband ground plane antenna and wide band vehicle mount antenna
Antennas System manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with the essential requirements applicable and in particular with Protection of health and Safety of the user, Protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility, Good use of the network to avoid harmful interference criteria of R&TTE of the European Parliament
Antenna Systems manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC pertinent to Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronics equipments and products supplied to  European Union are fully compatible with RoHS Directive
Antenna Experts an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
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Environmental Policy

Antenna Experts is committed to protecting the environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts, AE has been actively engaged in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. By complying the requirements of ISO14001, AE will educate and motivate employees to carry out the responsibilities for the environmental protection. Connecting company profits with environmental protection, AE will lead the company to a win-win strategy of sustainable operations management.

Policies as following:

Employee Involvement: Increase environmental awareness by ensuring employees to be committed to environmental issues.

Requirements Compliance: Fully comply the requirements of ISO 14001.

Continuous Improvement: Periodically review and improve environmental policies, goals, and targets. Also reduce the environmental impacts and improve overall eco-performance by dedicating to pollution prevention.

Recycling: Execute industrial waste reduction policy, recycle and reuse, and avoid using banned hazardous chemical substances.

Our Environment Is Our Future:
Environmental protection is one of our company's core concerns. We consider it to be an investment in our own future and in the future of our children. The best environmental protection concept is invisible and already contained in our products: we put quality to the test every day in our own test laboratories. Outstanding quality automatically leads to long lifecycles and sustainability.

Basic Environmental Policy:
1. We strive to reduce waste and increase 'green purchases' under our Guidelines of Action to recycle, reuse, save resources and reduce weight.

2. We set an environmental protection related theme in accordance with our management policy, reflect it on our management and promote awareness in protecting biodiversity and ecosystem.

3. We develop and deliver products that reduce environmental loads and meet customer and market needs.

4. While ensuring institutional adherence to environmental laws and regulations, as well as demands of customers, we aim to prevent pollution and also actively control, reduce, and replace hazardous substances.

5. We set objectives and targets in accordance with our environmental policy, facilitate our environmental management system, and periodically review and constantly enhance our activities.

6. We disseminate our environmental policy to all employees, thereby promoting understanding and awareness of environmental protection.

7. We disclose our environmental policy.

Antenna Experts
an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified firm and intends to operate in a manner that respects the environment and integrates the following principles in its management:

  • Ensure that employees are properly informed, and where relevant, properly trained to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Develop and improve operations and technologies, taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and raw materials, giving preference to renewable resources, and minimizing waste and adverse environmental impact, disposing of residual waste safely.

  • Assess the environmental impact of processes before starting a facility.

  • Promote the adoption of the same principles to its user and suppliers.

  • Develop and manufacture products and services that are safe for their intended use, are energy-efficient, respect the environment and that can be recycled or disposed of safely, including their packaging, by advising the customer where relevant.

  • Participate in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding of environmental problems.

  • Set own stringent guidelines, using government requirements as a basis. Continuously improve these guidelines in light of technological advances and new environmental data.

Our ultimate goal is to make environmental protection an element of the company culture.


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