Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications World Highest Performance Wideband Antennas for 100% Connectivity & Reliability Our portfolio includes FTS antenna ILS antenna DME Antenna ADS-B Antenna dual polarized log periodic antenna, ultra wide band coaxial dipole, multi band antenna, aviation band antenna, fiberglass collinear antenna, HF broadband multi wire antenna, defense antenna, tactical radio relay antenna, HF broadband vertical conical monopole, marine band antenna, shipboard antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, FM band antenna, ultra wide band discone antenna, terrestrial microwave antenna, DME antenna, transponder antenna, grid parabolic antenna, stacked dipole array, log periodic dipole array, directional yagi antenna, satellite tracking earth station antenna, jammer antenna, side mount dipole, LHCP RHCP helical antenna, circular polarized antenna, spiral antenna, dual stacked array, quad stacked array, broadband ground plane antenna and wide band vehicle mount antenna
Antenna Experts an ISO/OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management Systems (SMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
Antenna Systems manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with RoHS2, REACH and WEEE compliant
Antenna Experts an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
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Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) & ISO/OHSAS 18001:2015 certified company, established in the capital of India, New Delhi and is well equipped with erudite, experienced, qualified personnel, technological expertise and advanced test equipments and instruments. Antenna Experts team of professionals is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, designed-to-cost antenna solutions for today's telecom industry. Antenna Experts specialist in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom antennas for predominately the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Antenna Experts is one of the leading Manufacturers and exporters of a vast range of RF Antennas for used with the Radio Communications for voice/data, digital & analogue communication applications. We strive to manufacture the best performing antennas while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. Our antenna systems meet the international quality standards including many of them are complied with various military ( MIL ) standards. All products manufactured by Antenna Experts are complied with RoHS compliance, REACH compliance and WEEE compliance.

Over the years, ANTENNA EXPERTS have continued to pursue a customer-oriented philosophy, aiming to achieve the most effective collaboration with customers in order to find the best possible technical and economical solution to their requirements. This ethos, together with the sheer quality of the products offered, and the constant research and development activities, allow AE to be up to date with the ultimate cutting-edge technologies. This has made AE one of the best-known names in Aerospace and Defense technology, guaranteeing a constant growth over time.

The company's business is mainly focused on the international market (around 95% of the sales are international), and thanks to the highest quality standards, industry shortest lead-time and cost effective solution, AE has been able to serve clients in every corner of the globe. In fact, there are more than 60 countries all over the world where you can find AE products installed and operated by many satisfied and loyal customers who have made the AE a fastest growing company in this Industry.

All manufactured antennas are assembled and tested for electrical performances. Moreover AE has a open area test range consisting of a rotating towers and a receiving antenna array, installed on a 9 meter vertical trail, both manually and electrically controlled. This facility makes AE one of the most advanced test ranges in India for the measurement of antenna radiation patterns in the far-field region.

Antenna Experts team has many years of combined experience in the design and production of wireless antennas. The antenna manufactured by Antenna Experts cover the RF spectrum from HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave and support countless mission critical military, air, sea, commercial, aviation, broadcast, navigation, satellite, ATC & CNI, C3I & C4I, GMDSS, TETRA & SCADA, UAV's, Drones, Ground-To-Air, Radio Relay, IFF, Satellite Tracking, NATO vehicular, NATO base station, Signal Intelligence SIGINT, Electronic Warfare EW, Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Jamming application, Manpack application, SATCOM, DME & Transponder, Glide Slope and Glide Path for ILS, ADS-B, ATC Mode-S, UAT, AIS application and voice & data communications applications.

Apart from the products listed in our website, Antenna Experts has a particular expertise in the design and development of special-to-type antennas, which are tailored to suit specific requirements and platform types. Antennas fabricated from the latest materials available today, give Antenna Experts the leading edge in producing international quality, reliable antennas for all types of requirements. Antenna Experts specialize in design and supply the world highest performance wide band antennas for 100% connectivity and reliability. Our antennas are tested and field proven by various armed forces, various international airport authority, various aircraft manufacturers, major defense suppliers and major airborne equipment manufacturers.

Frequency ranges cover HF, VHF, UHF and L-band across the 2 to 9000 MHz. range and are 100% final tested, inspected in-house to meet our "Zero Defect" quality policy. Our major clients are various armed forces across the Globe, all major fighter aircraft manufacturing firms, all major airborne equipments manufacturing firms, major international airports across the Globe, major aero space research firms across the Globe, all major defense equipments suppliers to Ministry of Defense including US, Europe & Israel.

Our exclusive range of products includes Aviation Band Antennas, Man Pack Jammer Antenna, Fiberglass Collinear Antennas, TETRA Antennas, HF Log Periodic Antennas, HF Broadband High Gain Vertical Conical Monopole Antennas, Defense Antennas, Quadrifilar Helix Antenna, Horizontal Polarized Circular Omni Antenna, Glide Slope Glide Path Antenna for ILS, Marine Band Antennas, Shipboard Antennas, Tactical Radio Relay Antennas, GMDSS Antennas, NATO Vehicular Mount Antenna, NATO Base Station Antennas, ATC Antennas, Signal Intelligence SIGINT Antennas, Electronic Warfare EW Antennas, HF Multi Wire Broadband Antennas, Manpack Antennas, Cross Polarized Log periodic Antennas, SATCOM Antennas, Ultra Wide Band Coaxial Dipole Antennas, FM Broadcast Antennas, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Antennas UAVs Antennas, Horn Antennas, Dual Polarized Horn Antenna, HF multi wire broadband dipole antennas, Dual Polarized Log Periodic Antennas, Ultra Wide Band Discone Antennas, Grid Parabolic Antennas, Ground-To-Air Antennas, C3I & C4I Antennas, DME Transponder Antennas, IFF Antenna, ADS-B Antenna, MEMO Antenna for Drones and UAV, AIS Antenna, Stacked Dipole Arrays, Log Periodic Dipole Arrays, Directional Yagi Antennas, Earth Station Satellite Telemetry Tracking Control Command Antennas, RCIED Jammer Antennas, Side Mount Dipole, LHCP RHCP Helical Antennas for GPS L1 and GPS L2 Bands, Circular Polarized Antennas, Spiral Antennas, Dual Stacked Arrays, Quad Stacked Array, Broadband Ground Plane Antennas and Broadband Vehicular Mount Antennas.

All products manufactured by Antenna Experts are complied with RoHS compliance, REACH compliance and WEEE compliance. Antennas manufactured by Antenna Experts are also fully compliant with CE and RoHS directive whether it is for Domestic market, European market or International market. Customer can contact us via phone +91 9910035738 and/or via E-mail: for any kind of technical help related to our products.

Antenna Experts utilize the latest in design software, manufacturing processes and test equipments. Antenna Experts designed and supplied various customized antennas as per the customer required specifications within a short turn around time. Any further customized requirements from existing and/or new customers are also welcome. Design and supply customized antenna systems to our clients are our top priority and that too on short turn around time. Antenna Experts recognized/established itself who supply the antenna systems to its customer with industry shortest lead-time.


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